Nicole förlänger ytterligare en säsong

10 juni, 2019

Ytterligare en säsong för Nicole Jackson i SDHL och Göteborg HC

#30 Nicole Jackson, målvakt SDHL.

Tillbaka i SDHL truppen

Göteborg HC är glada att meddela att Nicole Jackson stannar ytterligare en säsong med oss i SDHL. Nicole har hittills spelat tre säsonger med oss här i Göteborg. Hon är en viktig spelare till truppen som tillför positiv energi till laget både på och utanför isen.

One more year in GHC, tell us about your feelings about that?

 It’s good to be back with GHC for another season. I enjoy playing at GHC and happy to be part of the club. I think I played my best hockey last season in Sweden and I really want to build on it and help get the team higher up the table.

Why did you choose GHC?

 I think it’s a really good club and it’s taking the steps in the right direction and has potential to do well and really challenge other teams in the league. It’s a club that has given me an opportunity to develop as a goalie over the past seasons but I still know I have more to give and I believe that will come from my development at the club.Also I really enjoy playing alongside Frida.

What are your personal goals for upcoming season 19/20?

 Personal goals for me are to keep improving from where I left off last season. I know the areas I need to work on and I’ll be working hard to develop those areas of my game.

What do you think about next season SDHL?

 I’m looking forward to next season I think it’s going to be a fun exciting season. I think the players moving around in the league will make it interesting. I’m hoping we will be ready to really challenge for a playoff spot.

Favorite movie after winning a game?

Normally I’m so tired after any game, I usually just fall asleep to the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

Favorite spot just to relax?

 My bed or Sofa, without question!

What is your tip for young girls that are looking up towards SDHL?

Work hard and believe in your ability and never give up on anything you do. You don’t get the success without the putting in the time and hard work.


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