Ny målvakt är på plats

Vi förstärker på målvaktssidan och värvar in den tyska målvakten Jule Flötgen. Vi hoppas att hon kommer trivas hos oss. Vi passade på att ställa några frågor till Jule, läs dom nedan.

1. What’s the feeling after just signed for GHC?
-it’s a great feeling to return to sweden and continue playing on a professional level. I’m really looking forward to meet the team and start in a hopefully successful season.

2. Any specific reasons why you decided to sign with GHC?
-I think the club is leaded very professional and the conditions are good. Sometimes it’s good to start something new and that’s what we have here. We will start at the bottom and I hope I can help building up something big. Additional, the club already took care of me and did their best to make everything work. I really appreciated it and hope I can return their trust in me.

3. What are your personal goals for coming season, both on a personal level and with the team?
-I hope I can still develop as a person and an athlete. I want to be mentally and physically strong during the whole season, even if I think it will be a quiet tough first season in the SDHL for GHC. However if we act as a team and everyone does their best we can achieve a lot more than others expect. I want to help the team winning games and be a big support for them

4. I’ll leave the final questions to you, is there anything you would like to add?
-I’m pretty excited and looking forward to move to Göteborg . There will be great times ahead of the team.