Genevieve Bannon ansluter till truppen

GHC fortsätter bygga upp sin SDHL trupp med en riktigt bra spelare, Geneviéve (Gen) Bannon från Châteauguay, QC, Kanada. Vi får en komplett spelare som har en mycket hög nivå och är bra på allt enligt hennes förra tränare. Hon är en smart spelare som alltid kommer rätt i positionerna och som levererar både mål- och passningspoäng. Sista året levererade hon 53 poäng på 41 matcher i USA´s NCCA(W) och hennes lag Clarkson University blev mästare. Hon är en kreativ spelare som har förmågan att höja nivån på sina medspelare. Läs vår intervju med henne nedan.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born in Quebec, Canada. I started to play hockey when i was 4 years old because my two older brothers and my dad played the game. In grade 10, i decided to go to an hockey acamedy boarding school (OHA) where i learned to speak english. I graduated high school there and got i full scholarship to go play at Clarkson university in potsdam, New York where i studied psychology.
Describe yourself as a player.
My biggest strenght as a hockey player is that a have a great vision and i work really hard to be the best player i can be for the team. I am a play maker and set up my teammates to score goals.

What is your biggest accomplishment in hockey?
My biggest accomplishment as a hockey player is winning two National Championships with Clarkson University. We won my first year and my last year.
How does it feel to have signed a contract to play for Göteborg Hockey Club in SDHL?
i am really excited to come play in sweden next year and i am ready to help the team as much as i can. It is a great experience and i feel very humble to have the opportunity to come play for Göteborg HC
Why did you choose to come to Gothenburg HC?
I wasnt ready to give up hockey after 4 great years at University and i wanted to travel. Gothenburg HC offered me both. They gave me an opportunity i couldnt refuse.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
The progream is fearly new and i just want to help it improve as much as i can and help the team win as much game as possible. I want to keep improving as a hockey player.
5 quick questions:

Interests away from the rink?
I have a really competitive family so everything that as a little bit of competition   Is a fun activity. We go camping a lot during the summer and we use that time to go biking, kayaking, play beach volleyball, etc.
I also love to spend my sundays watching movies or an entire season of a Tv show.
Favourite book or movie?
 My favorite movie is Miracle on ice. Ive watched this movie at least 15 times and the last 20 minutes still gives me chills

Favourite food?
My favorite meal is chicken fajitas

Favourite team?
I love watching the Montreal Canadiens but my favorite team is the Dallas stars. My favorite player is Jamie Benn so i have to go with them eventhough they didnt do well last season.

Your inspiration?
I dont really have one specific inspiration. I think it changes a lot and i just use the inspiration i have at that moment and use it to motivate me.